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Why SEM is important Search Engine Marketing, SEM, is the use of paid strategies to promote your website. This is a cost effective method as search engine marketing campaigns are targeted and you only pay when there are results - Pay per click (PPC).  Ads are displayed in response to trigger key words in a prominent position on a search results page. If

Why SEO is important Search engines use an algorithm to determine how to rank websites. This mathematical equation is used to determine how well a website matches a search query and the quality of the website. Therefore, it is important to understand which search terms a user will use to find your services, and then use specific keywords associated with these search terms

Search engine marketing is ‘on demand’ advertising. People searching on search engines are actively looking for a product or service that you may offer. So it’s important when people are looking for you, your site is listed in the search results. Naturally the question we most often get asked is, “How can we be number one?” It’s clear that ranking within the top