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Why SEO is important

Search engines use an algorithm to determine how to rank websites. This mathematical equation is used to determine how well a website matches a search query and the quality of the website. Therefore, it is important to understand which search terms a user will use to find your services, and then use specific keywords associated with these search terms in the correct places in your website. In this way when a user conducts a search that matches the keywords in your website, your website has a better chance of ranking well.

Once you have optimised your website for keywords, it’s time to look at other factors of quality such as mobile responsiveness, writing rich thought provoking content and link building. SEO is a long term strategy designed to keep your website ranking well but also to ensure your users’ experience of the website is positive.

Why Choose MKTS

MKTS uses ‘natural’ ways of improving your rankings and acceptable approved methods that will unlikely lead to penalisations as search engine algorithms change down the track. We keep up with current trends to ensure we are using the best strategies for your business. Ensuring your SEO campaign has many different strategies and aligning with best practice for long term success.

Measuring success

Because SEO is a long term strategy, the results are not immediately obvious. It takes time for the changes made to have an impact on the ranking. For this reason we recommend investing in four to six months and then talking to MKTS about the increased traffic to your website, how much higher your website is ranked in the search results listing and making sure you are happy with the return on investment. MKTS do not lock you in to a contract, you may cease SEO services at any time, although we do encourage you to wait at least a four month period for SEO efforts to start having positive results.

What do we need to get started?

We need the following in order to best put together an SEO and paid search strategy to increase traffic to your site:

  • An overview of your marketing objectives/goals – do you want to drive sales? New product enquiries or simply traffic to the site?
  • Access to your site administration area – either a login so that we can do it ourselves or access to your webmaster who can change the site structure, code or content)
  • Access to your site’s analytics – either Google Analytics or other, but if you don’t have Google Analytics we can help you set this up for a small fee. This allows us to track or progress and also gain valuable insights into your current site traffic and usage.
  • A list of your key competitors – let us know who we need to beat and we’ll ensure that we are targeting the relevant keywords and your points of differentiation
  • Approval of the keyword hit-list – we will recommend the keywords that we think will drive traffic, with your insight and approval we’ll be ready to setup our campaigns and go!

We will provide a template to complete with the above information so that we can get started!