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Search engine marketing is ‘on demand’ advertising. People searching on search engines are actively looking for a product or service that you may offer. So it’s important when people are looking for you, your site is listed in the search results.

Naturally the question we most often get asked is, “How can we be number one?” It’s clear that ranking within the top spot of search results is important, as sites listed on the first page of search results tend to receive more traffic than deeper listed sites. Whilst no provider can guarantee a number one listing, we can help you to increase your search engine ranking and drive more qualified traffic to your site through a mix of paid and organic search strategies.

What’s the difference between paid and organic?

Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing combine both paid advertising and organic listings on their search engine results pages. Many people don’t realise that there are paid listings in their search results as search engines design paid ads to look almost identical to organic results. Organic search engine results are attained naturally by being indexed by the search engines based on their ranking algorithms. Paid listings are placed at the top of the search listings and advertisers bid on keywords to have their ads shown.

Google search results for keywords “graduation gowns,” showing paid and organic search results.

Why is search engine optimisation important?

Search engines like Google rank websites based on a secret algorithm. Whilst it is not known exactly what search engines use to determine a site’s ranking, experts agree that there are tactics that a site owner can use to improve their site’s quality and “optimise” their site for search engines, hence the term “search engine optimisation” or SEO is used. Some of these tactics include optimising the site structure, writing keyword rich content based on keywords that people use most often to find your products or services, and increasing inbound links to the site.

Search engine optimisation is important because a well-designed and optimised site tends to rank better in search engine listings and thereby receive more traffic than non-optimised sites. There is also no ongoing cost associated with organic search. You may need to make investments in improving your SEO from time to time, but in comparison to paid search, there isn’t an ongoing cost (eg. Pay per click) associated with organic search traffic. Therefore, the best means of delivering qualified traffic at a low cost is through a sound, ongoing SEO strategy that aims to organically rank your site for a range of targeted keywords.

Why is paid advertising important?

Whilst we use a range of proven, successful SEO tactics to help our client’s rank higher in search results, it can take time for a site to increase its ranking. Also, there is no guarantee that the site will rank well for all keywords. Therefore, paid advertising is an important online marketing tactic used to quickly increase relevant, targeted traffic to a website.

Plus, when compared to other marketing channels, paid search is very cost effective. Paid ads are displayed in search results based on a ‘cost per click’ model. This means that the advertiser only pays when someone searches for one of their keywords and clicks on the ads, so you are only paying for eyeballs to your site.

Also, unlike offline marketing channels, like TV and radio, paid search ads are very targeted. Only those people within the target location (eg. Perth metro, 50km radius of Perth, or all of Western Australia, etc) will see your ad. Therefore, there’s little wastage with paid advertising and your dollar goes further.

Most importantly, paid search allows us to cost-effectively test the keywords that we think will drive traffic to your site. Based on a short test, we will have a clear understanding of which keywords drive traffic and which ones convert to sales so that we can optimise your ongoing campaign and your SEO to not only drive more traffic to your site – but to drive conversions! This is a key point of difference in our campaigns.


Considering that SEO and paid search work together, we recommend a mix of both organic and paid search engine strategies to help our clients improve their search engine rankings. It all starts by developing a “keyword hit list” that we’ll use to test the market and see which keywords deliver traffic and drive sales for your products and services. We’ll then use these keywords to optimise your website to help improve your organic search ranking.